Welcome to An Xactimate 28 Training Event

Dallas, Texas

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Xactimate 28 Level I & II Certification Class / File Review

June 4th - 9th  



  • Xactware Certified Trainer Barry Smith, Delivers High Impact And Effective Xactimate 28 Training In Accordance With Xactware’s High Standards 
  • Being Trained By An Xactimate Certified Trainer Is Equivalent To Being Trained At Xactware’s Campus 
  • This Training Will Provide You With The Understanding Of How To Use The Exciting Tools And Features Of Xactimate To Increase The Accuracy Of Your Estimates And Decrease The Time It Takes For You To Create Them 

Kick Start Your Claims Career!

The IAS Claims Service 

Recruiting & Development Program

You Develop the Skills, IAS Claims Service will Provide the Opportunity!

Adjusters Who Complete Xactimate Certified Trainer Barry Smith's 

  • Fundamentals & Poficiency Course  
  • And pass the Xactimate Level I and Level II User Certification Exams  


 Everything You Need to Kick Start Your Property Claims Career :  

  • This IAS Claims Service Training & Develpment Program will make you an attractive candidate to start or enhance your career with us as a Poperty Claims Professional !
  • Those who become Xacimate Level II Certified will join the IAS Claims Service roster and kick start their property claims adjusting career by being one of the first to be deployed to various events and/or receive daily claims when available in your area!

Why Join the IAS Claims Service Team?


Success Starts wih Opportunity!

Carriers large and small depend on us to deliver the best people. 

If you’re interested in CAT, daily, flood, or inside work , IAS Claims Service can put you in a position to be successful!


Our team is here to help you succeed!

We provide more management support ,tech support and professional training than any other firm!


When you complete the courses, set up an account with us and tell us about you and your new industry - recognized skills and credentials.

 It gives you instant access to our training library and all the client information you need when deployed.

Whether You Are An Experienced Claim Professional...or Just Taking Your First Steps

  • The Fundamentals & Proficiency Class 
  • The Advanced Mastery Class 

Will Help You Develop the Core Skills Needed to Reach A New Level of Excellence!

Fundamentals & Proficiency Class

  •  Practice the Fundamental & Proficiency Workbook Exercises 
  •  Complete Many Estimates from Start to Finish in Four Steps 
  •  Sketch Basic & Intermediate Rooms and Roofs 
  • Estimate graphically in Sketch and use the Item List feature to add and modify items in multiple rooms. 
  • Utilize variables, functions and formulas to create complex estimate calculations. 
  •  Scope, Add Photos, and Print Reports 
  •  Prepare for the Level 1 and 2 Certification Exams

Xactware Certification Program

Passing The Xactware User Certification Exams Place You In An Elite Group Of Xactware Users

As a certified Xactimate user, you will: 

  • Be among those considered the best in the industry. 
  • Prove to an employer that you have a firm foundation in Xactimate fundamentals and can accurately write an estimate from start to finish. 

  • Have your name listed in the Xactware User Certification Directory, helping you market your credentials and expand your business. 
  • Receive certificate based on the level of certification completed that proves you successfully met the standards and qualifications Xactware has set to become certified.

Xactware User Certification Levels

Level 1 certification – Xactimate Fundamentals 

This level of certification verifies that a user has the foundational skills required to create an estimate from start to finish in Xactimate.

Level 2 certification – Xactimate Proficiency (Power User) 

This level confirms that a user has mastered the foundational Xactimate concepts and can use more intermediate Xactimate practices to increase their productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

Level 3 certification – Xactimate Mastery (Subject Matter Expert) 

This level validates that the user has full mastery of the Xactimate estimating system and can be considered an Xactimate subject matter expert.

What Others Have Gained From Attending Xactimate Certified Trainer Barry Smith's Classroom Training:

  •  100% Would Recommend Xactimate Classroom Training to Friends
  •  95% Saved More Than 15 Minutes per Estimate 
  •  51% Saved More Than 30 Minutes per Estimate 
  •  23% Saved More Than an Hour per Estimate

Seating is limited and is booked on a first-come, first-served basis–so register today!

 Dallas Classroom Schedule


Xactimate Fundamentals & Poficiency

8 AM to 5 PM


Xactimate Fundamentals & Poficiency  

8 AM to 5 PM


Xactimate Fundamentals & Poficiency  

8 AM to 5 PM


Xactimate Fundamentals & Poficiency

8 AM to 12 PM 

File Review 1:00 to 5:00 PM


Prep for Xactimate Level I and II Certification Exams

8 AM to 5 PM


Take Xactimate Exam(s) 8 AM till Finished